Commercial Property for Sale in NC

If there’s a commercial property for sale in NC that meets your needs, Pulliam Properties is your means to that end. When dealing with such a potentially volatile transaction, not to mention one of such magnitude, you want to take the path of least resistance. We pave that path. Our local market expertise of Asheville and beyond, on top of our superior resources, equips us to guide our clients toward desired results and to avoid the common setbacks.
Our team works actively and collectively to represent our clients who are in pursuit of commercial real estate investment opportunities throughout Western North Carolina. Our investors gain from the in-depth market knowledge we afford, along with our analytical and leasing competencies. We can help you define the acceptable investment parameters, from property type to risk/reward tolerance, and then begin our property search. Our site is a one-stop shop when it comes to area listings. You’ll have access to the comprehensive real estate, with up-to-date prices and more. From the simplest transaction to the most challenging assessment, our experienced brokers work to ensure our clients have the most inclusive market information available.
While our tools and resources may be cutting edge, our customer service is as old-fashion as it gets. We’re all business but we’re personable, too. When you take people out of the real estate industry, it can get a little dry. Not to take away from the properties – the properties that this area boasts are in a league of their own – but the transaction itself isn’t going to make the best impression on you; Pulliam Properties will be what you remember. When the deal is closed and you look back on the investment, it won’t be the negotiation, the paperwork, or the technicalities you recall, not if we did our job right, anyway. It will be our partnership. If you’re looking for an attractive commercial property for sale in NC, and you value a broker who values the relationship side of the transaction, look no further.