Commercial Real Estate Loans

If you’re looking for commercial real estate loans before finding a property, you’re on the fast track, but even if you haven’t gotten that far yet, it’s okay. There’s no harm in at least browsing what’s out there. Wherever you happen to be in the early stages of investing, it’s never too soon or too late to employ our services.
Pulliam Properties is a full-service commercial real estate company situated in Asheville, NC. Since the beginning, we have worked our way to the top. As an industry leader in our region, which boasts plenty of attractive investment opportunities, we provide our clients with innovative and complete real estate solutions. We are honored to continuously play a part in shaping the business sector of Asheville, and likewise, to guide our clients in establishing economic growth here. With valued expertise and superior attention to detail, we have collaborated with our clients to hand pick the ultimate sites for their business endeavors. It’s hard to go wrong in the city of Asheville but getting it just right makes the world of difference.
From a downtown office building to an industrial site with plenty of land, you’ll see an array of listings on our site. If you have defined investment parameters, we’ll be happy to help you search accordingly. Even if you have yet to decide precisely what type of property will complement your objectives, we can fill in the blanks as we go.
Pulliam Properties is here to alleviate your stress, be a confidant and mentor, and represent you effectively. In doing so, the scope of our work varies from client to client, but that’s what makes our field interesting. We never shy away from a challenge so give us all you have. No matter the details, we will make client satisfaction a priority. That and to deliver results are what we focus on most. So whether you’re ready to proceed with shopping for commercial real estate loans or want to window shop for properties a little more, we’re on call for you.