Commercial Real Estate Sales

Are you interested in buying or selling commercial real estate property in the Asheville area? If you need buyer, seller, or tenant representation services, Pulliam Properties has the professional staff and resources to equip you for pursuing your business goals. Our team specializes in selling, purchasing, and leasing office, industrial, retail, land, and multifamily properties. Browse our inclusive list of area real estate and find everything from apartments to recreational building portfolios.
With our region’s attractive inventory of commercial property listings, you’ll be presented with an array of options, no matter your desired investment parameters. Given accurate and timely market area data, you can pursue your ideal real estate solution, especially with our guidance. Pulliam Properties offers the finest real estate transaction and consultancy services in our hometown backyard. We know the properties, the submarkets, the people, and the trends beyond a professional level. If you want in-depth insight, which affords a competitive edge and superior market position, you’ll want to partner with us.
Together, we’ll define our common goal and implement a proven approach. If your objective is to maximize wealth, improve operations, create higher returns on investment, or all of the above, we’ll execute the right plan of action and uncover the appropriate property that promotes the objective(s). Our focus on results makes us an instrumental player in commercial real estate sales across Western NC. Combined with our industry-leading technology and distinguished market research capabilities, we are the complete package.
Our services are available to you. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, you’ll be on the fast track toward your transaction with us as your representative. Commercial real estate sales are steady in Asheville. If you want the opportunity to partake and achieve economic growth here, the ball is in your court. Pulliam Properties is ready to start working for you.